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Major Update to Diet and Recipes

New Version 3.07 released on May 24th 2016.

This is the biggest update in four years!

After almost a year of hard work, I’m finally ready to give you the update on the dietary treatment and management of liver disease with diet analysis of the three most popular recipes in my book.

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking (or saying):

  • “I wish I knew how much protein was in this recipe…”
  • “If only I had a nutrient analysis of these recipes…”
  • “I need a way to convince my Vet that home cooked diet is best…”

Then you are really going to love this update.

I’m not the bragging kind, but this information impresses me. So for all the canine nutrition geeks out there who are sold on home cooked diets, this is for you.

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